QR codes / 2D codes for window displays

QR codes / 2D codes for window displays

4 ideas for QR codes (2D codes)

By using QR codes in your window displays, you give your customers the possibility to inform themselves about a real estate object directly and online.

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Using a QR code gives you various options:

1. Refer the customer to the detail view of the property on your website.

The customer can obtain additional information about the object without you becoming active.

Customers are referred to your website, where they can see other real estate objects in your portfolio. The function “Similar objects” lets you show the customer directly and automatically a selection of objects that match the one selected.

2. Provide a direct link to the 360° tour of the real estate object.

By extending our 360° integration package, you can provide a direct link to the 360° tour integrated in the detail view.

3. Link the real estate object to your profile on Facebook or Instagram.

Ask prospective customers to “Like” the real estate object on your social media channels to broaden the scope of the real property and that of your enterprise.

How to use it:

You can incorporate the QR codes (2D codes) into the design of your window displays and print them out as usual. Alternatively, you can print them out as stickers and paste them onto the respective window display.

You can either change the target URL in your system at any time without having to print out a new QR code (2D code), or you can tell your customers in a note attached to the QR code (2D code) to where the link will take them.

The QR codes can be created with very little effort.

  1. We will create a login section for you.
  2. Insert the URL link to which the QR code (2D code) is to take you.
  3. Click on “Create QR code (2D code)”.
  4. Print it out and insert it into your exposé.

Other advantages:

The QR code enables you to track your QR code statistics and to assess the scope of your window displays.