Technical Details

Customisable responsive design

Based on Bootstrap 3, WP-ImmoMakler® is optimised for desktops, tablets, and smartphones (responsive design) – the used WordPress Theme does not need to support Bootstrap.

From WordPress 4.4 onwards, WP-ImmoMakler® supports the ‘srcset attribute’ for responsive images automatically.

By default, most of your website design will be adopted (colours, font, et cetera). WP-ImmoMakler® can be individualised to meet your needs. From custom CSS and interchangeable HTML templates to the in-house development of the front end.

Customisations can be stored as ‘child plugin’ (analogous to WordPress Child Themes) in a subfolder or externally. This way, they are protected when the WP-ImmoMakler® plugin is updated since no changes are done to the plugin itself.

Generally, WP-ImmoMakler® can be integrated into all WordPress Themes.

The theme’s internal real estate presentation and other related specific functions cannot be used when integrating so-called Real Estate Themes. Here, you can rely on the presentation and functionality of WP-ImmoMakler, that are displayed in the content area, just like ‘traditional’ themes.

WordPress Coding Standards

The programming of WP-ImmoMakler® complies with WordPress Coding Standards. It uses custom post types, post meta, and taxonomies to save real estate data. Pictures, PDFs, videos, and other files are attached to the real estate post.

This way, every WordPress developer can use the standard WordPress methods (WP_Query, template tags et cetera) to access the real estate data but also program extensions and changes. WP-ImmoMakler® supports the WordPress Multisite feature.

The extensive backwards compatibility of WordPress permits WP-ImmoMakler® to remain compatible with future versions of WordPress, even without plugin updates.

Safety thanks to HTTPS

WP-ImmoMakler® fully supports HTTPS. It ensures delivery of your site via a secure connection. Google honours HTTPS websites with a specific ranking. Additionally, the integrated contact form, embedded into the securely connected website, is better protected from cautions that aim at the secure processing of personal data.

Data exchange

The data exchange between estate agent software and WP-ImmoMakler® is done through the industry standard OpenImmo XML. The estate agent software writes real estate data into an XML file. It then uploads it via FTP to an upload directory of the WordPress web server, together with pictures, PDFs, et cetera. With each page view, WP-ImmoMakler® monitors this directory for new files and automatically imports it into the WordPress database. Once set up, it is not necessary to log in to WordPress to manage the properties. Creating, amending, and deleting real estate is done via the estate agent software. Much the same way that you are used to from portals like ImmobilienScout24, Immonet, Immowelt, and many others.

The numerous WordPress filters and actions can have a significant influence on the processing of the data. Among other things, you can transfer and select user-defined fields from the estate agent software or analyse or amend any other fields. WP-ImmoMakler® is optimised to work with inexpensive web packages as well as large web servers!

We are a full member of OpenImmo e.V. since 2015 and regularly work closely together with ImmobilienScout24 Immonet, Immowelt, et cetera, to ensure the data-exchange future of the real estate industry.


Google’s reCAPTCHA can help to reduce spam e-mails sent through the contact forms. For this, you only need to register with Google and obtain the free API key.

WP-ImmoMakler® works seamlessly with the free ‘metronet-reorder-posts’ WordPress plugin and permits to rearrange real estate via drag and drop.

The Google Maps API automatically determines the properties geolocation at the time of import from WP-ImmoMakler, only if the estate agent software does not provide data.

If you wish, we can realise individual interfaces with additional third parties (WordPress plugins, panorama views, video provider, et cetera)!